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Pulsoximeter for screening Apnea and evaluation, complete CD and PC connection   € 800,00/pc

SpO2 sensor compatible with Nellcor 7 pin sensor. For order 5 pcs or more € 56,00/pc
- disposable SpO2 Nellcor compatible € 6,00/pc(minimum order 48 pcs)
- NIBP reusable Cuff €. 24,00/pc (minimu order 5pcs)
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News!!! Spo2 autoclvable sensor (made EU) compatible:  Philips,  Nellcor, Ge Medical, Siemens, Draeger, Datex Ohmeda, Novametrix, Respironics, Palco, Nonin, other: for price and information send us an email 
- Finger Pulseoximeter reflectance technology(battery life 300 hours use)  €. 120,00 (minimum order 3 pcs)              

palm size SpO2/Sidestream Capnograph 
(made EU)    €  2.600,00

 CPAP nasal cloth mask (made USA): €. 110,00
CPAP Trascend (made USA), NO water, HME humification system 


Medical equipment Electrosurgery and Endoscopy accessories
Gel and creams for diagnostic uses Ultrasound accessories for Scanner and Probe
Paper for Medical equipment MRI solution
Phantom and evaluation Kit AED and defibrillator
CPAP BIPAP cloth Sleepweaver mask ADVANCE ELAN ANEW and accessories parts